4 ways to wear our matchstick bobbies

May 03, 2017

4 ways to wear our matchstick bobbies

We love our matchstick bobby sets.  They're so colorful and fun, and they work for kids AND grownups.  With four different colors and two colorways, there are so many ways to style them.  Here are four ways we've been wearing these cuties lately.

matchstick bobby worn over the ear

1. With our hair parted to one side and the hair swept behind the ear.  The pins go behind or over the ear in a fan shape.

2. Put the top in an easy top knot and then pin a triangle of bobbies underneath the bun.  It's a little lovely surprise when you walk away or turn your head.  

3. We throw our hair into a low ponytail (we also used our pastel/neon studded pony-o in pink) and then pin two rows of bobbies.  Any pattern works, really.  

4. With the hair still parted to one side with a tight set of bobbies pinned at the temple or just above.  

There are so many fun ways to use these bobby pins and we'd love to see!  Make sure and tag us #helloshiso when you wear yours!