behind the scenes: the collaboration behind our dinosaur and dragon clips

June 28, 2018

behind the scenes: the collaboration behind our dinosaur and dragon clips

I have some pretty amazing customers, many of whom have been around for so long that I remember writing their addresses by hand in the early days of my business.  I have one long-time customer who has sent letters and even a care package (!) in the years that she's supported my business, and in one of her letters to me, she included her daughter's suggestion that I make a dinosaur clip.  Earlier this year, I sat down to work out some ideas.  

hello shiso dinosaur and dragon clips

A few rounds of designs and samples later, I had come up with a dinosaur that I was happy with, and also a dragon design that was actually a dinosaur reject! Can you see how one idea became the other? I was really excited, and sent the clips off to the girls.  I really wanted to hear their reactions!  I soon received some amazing feedback in the mail:

They made one of these for each of the clips I had sent to them.  Each member of the family had written feedback on colors, design, even with suggestions.  Eloise's suggestion to add a princess was an excellent one, and our finished design does in fact include a princess!  (PS - they loved the dragon more than they loved the dinosaur.)  

Here are the finished clips: 

hello shiso princess + dragon clips for girls

hello shiso dinosaur clips for girls

Get the princess + dragon clips here, and the dinosaur clips here. 

I love both of these clips so much, and they're so much more meaningful because of this fun collaboration with one of my most loyal customers.  I hope you enjoy them too!  

xo, Mimi