Don't worry, we found them for you.

July 16, 2018

Don't worry, we found them for you.

Every day should be a party, right?? We've been busy curating a new batch of FINDS so that your girl can take the fun wherever she goes this summer. Colorful candy-like fruit, sequined ice cream, and the most adorable fairy friends? It's like a party in your hair!

Our finds are limited edition batches of little goodies we don't design, but are so cute we can't resist.  When we sell out, we often are not able to restock them so get them while you can!

Our fruit twist headbands are a personal fave that our grownups might just have to have for themselves ;) Hair wraps are making a welcome comeback right now, and these will look oh-so-effortless yet noticeably adorable. These always sell out fast.

Cuteness alert!!! These are our fairy girl clips, and there are lots of dress and hair options for you to choose from. 

These juicy candy-like apples on a polka-dot pinch clip look good enough to bite. We love colorful fruit accessories at hello shiso, and we're a little giddy over these cute plastic apple clips

We have so many more to share with you! Visit our FINDS section, browse and have some fun.
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