girls' hair care: hair essentials travel kit

June 13, 2017

girls' hair care: hair essentials travel kit

Summer vacation is nearing, and for many of you, that means summer travel!  However, vacation time doesn't mean that we want our girls to stop taking care of their hair.  When we traveled in years past, we stuffed accessories into random pockets of our toiletry kit, and it was always a chore to find anything (and also to get Bee to brush her hair)!  So I came up with a new system - a little "hair essentials travel kit" that Bee and I pack together, with everything we need for easy hair care and hairdos while on the road. Now everything is much easier and faster, and I wanted to share our essentials with you.
Here's what you need:
1. A mint tin filled with a variety of hair elastics.  We like to bring thick elastics and also the thin plastic elastics too.  
2. A TicTac box filled with hair and bobby pins.  We usually have both U-shaped hair pins and the flat bobby pins and we find that the small opening on the TicTac box makes it easier to keep the pins from falling out and getting lost. 
3. An assortment of cute ponytail holders and hair clips that Bee chooses.
4. Bee's own small bag to hold everything. Our adorable blue pouch is from Maika and it's the perfect size for all our essentials. 
Get your girl involved in packing up her own kit!  I've found that when we pack everything together in this way, Bee takes ownership of her hair.  Each day before we set off on our adventures, she gets her bag and chooses the hair style and accessories she wants for the day. Then her hair is done and we are ready to enjoy the day's adventures.
I hope you'll try this tip during your summer travels this year!  If you have any other tips for hair care during vacation, I'd love to hear it in the comments below! 

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