hair: bang braids

July 16, 2014

hair: bang braids

We were featured a little while on the awesome Small Fry blog in a series of hair tutorials, and we recently decided to try out their bang braid tutorial ourselves, which uses our big star clips.

I gave Bee a deep part.

I brushed her hair towards her forehead and divided her a section into three parts, just as for a regular braid.

I pulled small sections from the crown of her head and added them as I braided.  It's like a French braid, but only adding hair on the side closer to the crown of her head.

It actually went quite quickly and easily.  The most challenging part for me was to keep the braid tight to her head, but I think with a little bit of practice, it will look even better.  I secured the braid with a clear rubber band, and then finished it off with a series of big star clips.

Easy peasy and oh so cute.  Thanks so much Small Fry for using our clips in your tutorial!