hair tutorial: 80's inspired ponytails

June 26, 2014

hair tutorial: 80's inspired ponytails

I love Spearmint Baby's IG feed and have been seeing her adorable daughter in her side ponytails, which made me terribly nostalgic for that terrible hair phase of my life.  Remember the bangs?  The hairspray?  That time your mom went out of town and you convinced your aunt to take you to the hairdresser to have your hair feathered?

We've been doing our own 80's inspired ponytails around here, which are still fun all these years later.  We did them up with one of our crystal ponytail holders.  Try it with a sleek side ponytail, like above.  Or gather it all to the very top of your head - the higher the better - and tie your ponytail there:

Bee loves this style, which she calls "WhipBallBat"  because she can shake her head and whip everyone in immediate arm's reach.  Now doesn't that sound like fun?  I have more than once turned around and received a face full of hair aimed right at me.  And in case you need more hair inspiration from another era, here's an old family photo I recently dug up.  I love the hair and the makeup!

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