hair tutorial: braid headband

September 24, 2014

hair tutorial: braid headband

We love a good headband around here.  It's cute and easy, and keeps hair off the face, which definitely keeps the Chinese grandmas happy.  We have started wearing our hair with this new "hair headband" and we wanted to show you how to do it for yourselves.  We love it because it's a little unusual, but still fast and easy for school days.

Take a small section of hair from behind the ear. It can help to pin the hair in front of this section out of the way.

Braid this small section of hair upwards. The braid needs to be long enough to reach to the other ear, and braiding up help keeps the braid smooth once it's pulled to the other side.

Have your helper hold the end of the braid while you work on the other.

See how happy she is to be helpful?

Once you have finished both braids, pull one braid up and towards the other ear, pulling the hair so that it is smooth in front of the "headband."

Pin the braid in place, behind the ear.

Repeat on the other side so that both braids form the "headband" and then clip both braids into place, above the ear. We used our penguin clips here.

Fast and easy, even for a school day. Let us know if you try it out!