hair tutorial: bunny braids

March 24, 2016

hair tutorial: bunny braids

As we are getting closer to Easter, we've been seeing the cutest bunnies everywhere we look, so we decided that we needed a bunny hairdo to wear in celebration of the Easter bunny.  Our friend, Eryn, who is an amazing hairstylist, helped us with this adorable and easy look: bunny braids.  Try it this weekend!

Start with brushed hair.

Part your girl's hair down the middle and tie her hair into two even ponytails with clear elastics.

Braid each ponytail and tie with a clear elastic.

Loosen up the braid by tugging on the strands of the braid if you'd like to give it a bit more fullness all over, but this is optional.

Pull your braid into a loop and tie with another clear elastic.

Pin the braids in place, tucking in the ends and allowing the "ears" to stick up.
Of course, we think the look isn't complete until you finish it off with our bunny clips.  Bunnies front and back.  Just adorable.  Let us know if you try this hairstyle!
If you want to see the complete step by step, along with some awesome tips from Eryn, check it out here

Eryn Harrison is owner and master stylist at Calm, A Salon, in Oakland, CA.