hair tutorial: chalk dye

October 27, 2014

hair tutorial: chalk dye

We're back with another tutorial, for a quick Halloween idea.  Are bunnies and kitties just not quite exciting enough for your kiddo?  How about adding some color to the hair with some homemade hair chalk?  All you need is a stick of chalk pastel from the art store.  We bought a single stick of Sennelier chalk pastel, but any of the brands will work.  Just choose a nice, bright color as it will show up best, even on dark hair.

Use an old towel protect your little one's clothes because the chalk does get all over everything.  Coincidentally, I use this old witches' cape from a million Halloweens ago for all hair-related needs, including when I cut my kids' hair.  Wet the hair with a sprayer, or just pat water on the hair to wet it.

Twist sections of hair and rub the chalk down the hair.  If you rub it up and down you'll make knots, so be careful. It helps to twist the hair to create a rough surface so the chalk rubs onto the hair more easily.  I also found that I could get more color on the hair if I soak the chalk thoroughly in water.

See how bright the color looks?  If you prefer, you can also use more than one color.  After the hair dries, you can use a straightening or curling iron to help set the color with heat.

Seriously, this stuff gets all over everything.  Make sure to wash your little's hair before going to bed (or cover it with a big old towel), or it will stain your pillowcases.

But even after you brush the hair, it will be nice and bright.  Style it, or leave it down, and add one of our bunny or cat headbands.

Meow, it's a purple kitty!  Bookmark this tutorial for Crazy Hair Day at school, too.