hair tutorial: double heart braid

February 10, 2015

hair tutorial: double heart braid

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we can't stop thinking about hearts around here so we wrote up a tutorial on how to make this special double heart braid for this sweetest of days.

Part hair down the middle.  It doesn't matter if it's really straight, but it helps to set the center of the heart.

Using the point or tip of a comb, part the hair in the shape of a heart, making sure to leave hair behind the ears.  The smaller your heart is, the more visible it will be (though you will have more hair to braid).

Repeat on the other side.  See how you can start to see a heart shape?  Clip the hair on the inside of the heart shape together so that it's out of your way.

Start a braid at very top/center of your heart.  The closer your braid stays to the part, the more clearly you will see the heart.  You will be doing what is called a Dutch braid or "inside-out braid" which is like a French braid but instead of braiding and adding sections over and in towards the middle, you will be braiding and adding sections under and in towards the middle.  Add only the hair which is in front of the part that you made.

Keep your braid close to the scalp, and once you get behind the ear, you can start adding some of the hair from the heart, which you clipped away earlier.

Once you get to the nape of the neck, clip it in place and start working on the other side.

Once you've braided the other side to the nape of the neck, you will have three sections - one braid on each side, plus the leftover hair from the center of your heart.  Use these three sections to finish braiding the rest of the hair.

Once you've finished braiding, clip one of our big heart clips to the center of your heart braid.

Completely adorable!  Bonus points from Chinese grandmas for getting her hair out of her face.

(kiss shirt from Bobo Choses)