hair tutorial: how to tie a ponytail

February 28, 2012

When I was at Renegade Craft Fair this past holiday, I learned something about my customers: they didn't really know the easy way to use my ponytail holders, which have a little bead strung onto the elastic. What a surprise! Did you not grow up with an Asian Mom who pulled your hair into tight ponytails each and every day? Huh. Well, here I am to help you so you no longer have the suffer the embarrassment!

Find yourself a model, preferably one with hair that makes grandmothers cry.  Check.  Brush her hair furiously until it shines.  Now stand back and admire it for the brief period that it looks shiny and smooth.

Gather your model's hair into a ponytail. Take the bead of the ponytail holder and hold it on top of ponytail with one hand.

Keeping the two strands of the elastic together, take the flower and wrap it around with your free hand, wrapping as many times as it takes to make the elastic tight. It's definitely easier when you use both your hands.

Separate the two strands of elastic and loop it around the bead.

There you go. Easy!
(This also works if you hold the flower and wrap with the bead.)
Now get to work and try out some styles.

low ponytail

high ponytail

two low ponytails

two high ponytail

two braids

Go crazy and show us some good ponytail style!