hair tutorial: rainbow ponytail

May 19, 2014

hair tutorial: rainbow ponytail

During the warm months, we love putting our hair up.  But no boring ponytails for us!  Here is one style of ponytail that we have been loving lately: the rainbow ponytail, which uses our rainbow ponytail holders.

Brush your little's hair.  Try not to get discouraged if you find clumps of glue and a small bird's nest.

Pull all that nice smooth hair into a ponytail, making sure the star is on top.

Add a second ponytail holder a few inches away. How far apart they'll be depends on how long your hair is.  Try to space the ponytail holders evenly.

I like to pull some of the hair a little loose so that the hair forms little puffs, but this is totally up to you.

At the end, you'll have a nice tidy ponytail with a rainbow of colors and a little row of stars.  Ours is long, but it will work for shorter hair too.  Perfect for running around on those warm summer days.

(PS - This one just learned that you can cross your fingers while you tell a fib and LOVES that idea.)

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