hair tutorial: ribbon wrapped ponytails

October 28, 2013

hair tutorial: ribbon wrapped ponytails

Looking for a new way to fix your little's hair? Here's a cute, easy 'do that we've been playing with at our house lately: ribbon wrapped ponytails.

Grab your girl and brush her hair into a ponytail or two. For this purpose, I like to use clear hair elastics. Now stand back and admire how smooth her hair is, because it's not going to look this perfect for long.

Take a length of ribbon and anchor it on the underside of her ponytail with two bobby pins going in opposite directions.  (This helps keep the ribbon in place)  I used 1-yard pieces, but use whatever pretty ribbon you saved from that birthday present you got ages ago. You can also sandwich the ribbon in the elastic instead.

Wrap the ribbon around the front, covering the elastic completely.

Crisscross the ribbon down the length of the ponytail, helping the hair stay in a straight line.

Knot it at the bottom.

Ask your kid to admire herself in the mirror, and feel pleased by how she reacts.
No, no, kid. No applause necessary.
See? Easy!