hair tutorial: short hair headband braid

April 20, 2016

hair tutorial: short hair headband braid

We love bobs on girls!  It's easy, there are fewer tangles to comb out, and it's just plain cute.  However, our shorter-haired girls don't have as many fun tutorials out there, though so our friend Eryn helped us with this adorable hair style for girls with bobs, though this style also looks great on longer hair too.

Start with hair that is parted on the side.

Section off a long triangle of hair by the part

Section this hair into three parts and start French braiding by adding a small section of hair on both sides.

You will want to keep the braid close to the scalp.
After adding 3-4 additions, you will only add hair on the side closest to the face.

Your finished braid will look something like this.  Tie it with a clear elastic.

Pull the end of the braid and tuck it under a section of hair.  Pin it in place and lay the section of hair back over the end of your braid to hide it.

We always think a braid is better with a little something extra, so add your favorite clip. We have been thinking about April showers so are using our cloud clips here, and we think it looks pretty darned cute!

Here's a video, if you'd like to see the tutorial in action.  Thank you Eryn and Ava!

Eryn Harrison is owner and master stylist at Calm, A Salon, in Oakland, CA.