hip, hip, hair-rah! we've got women's accessories.

July 26, 2019

hip, hip, hair-rah!  we've got women's accessories.

As a special mid-summer release, we're offering accessories for women that will fit effortlessly into your wardrobe for summer (or for any season, really!)  This release features a raffia visor to keep the UV rays at bay, some statement pinch clips, a few headbands and headwraps, and sheer socks that'll elevate any outfit.
Our women's raffia visor is the bees knees.  It comes with a tie inside, so you can adjust as needed to fit comfortably.  We love to pack these in our own beach bags, or hang it by the door for morning walks!
Oh, snap! Our acrylic geo clips make great statement pieces. Hair clips have been on trend in women's fashion lately, but we think these will become a wardrobe staple. 
If statement pieces aren't quite your thing, our acrylic pinch clips make a fun and sophisticated alternative.  We love the modern, minimal flair these clips add to a look!
Pull your locks back in style with our knotted headbandsThis wide band is accented with a twisted knot and comes in four colors: black, navy, pink, and mauve.
Tuck your strays away with our polka dot twist headwrap.  This playful polkadot pattern is reminiscent of vintage fashion and we're all for it.
Keep your strays in check with our check twist headwrap.  We think these soft pastel tones pair well with just about any casual summer look.
Style our sheer socks with your favorite pair of ballet flats, or if you're more daring, a pair of sandals!