hippity hop - bunny cuteness just does not stop!

March 18, 2016

hippity hop - bunny cuteness just does not stop!

Springtime is the time of the year adorable bunny items start popping up everywhere!

Where did this tradition come from? As we learned from PetShopDiva.com, the Easter Bunny is actually a symbol of pagan history. In ancient Germany, the people worshipped multiple gods and goddesses. Since spring is the season of new life, there would be a huge celebration for the goddess of fertility.  The goddess's symbol was fertile bunny!  Since this fuzzy critter is able to reproduce so quickly, it was the natural match for such a goddess. This festive notion was accepted into Easter once Christianity hit the scene.

Here are a few of our favorite bunny goodies from some of our favorite small business - we hope you find them as charming as we do!

1. We love everything that Winter Water Factory makes and this cute Bunnies and Carrots Romper is no exception.

2. An bunny necklace that could work for boys or girls.

3. Who can resist a baby in a bunny hat?  We can't.

4. Hello Shiso has bunny clips of our own design plus more cute bunny finds!

5. How cute is this Easter Bunny Egg Decorating kit we found at Mapamundi Kids?!

6. An adorable embroidered bunny brooch from An Astrid Endeavor.

7. This bunny head makes great room decor.

8. Carry around favorite toys, books, or snacks in the adorable tote from blabla!

Here are some more of our recent finds on Pinterest.  What are your favorite bunny finds? Please share!