I'm heading to Playtime!

March 03, 2014

I'm heading to Playtime!

Exciting new developments have been afloat here at hello shiso.  Perhaps it was the arrival of the new year, with its resolution-making and stock-taking, but I feel like I've jumped into 2014 with both feet running.

The big piece of news is that I'm headed off to Playtime New York this week. It's one of the big children's apparel trade shows, and I've been eyeing it for some time.  I called many people for advice and heard what I really knew in my heart all along - that it was time for me to take the risk and do it.  So I sent off my payment and have been making busy and losing sleep ever since.

My first paper catalog is in the process of being printed, decals are being made for my booth, samples for the new collection are in hand, and now the biggest thing for me to do is to try to remember how to dress for frigid temperatures.  I'm nervous and anxious.  It feels like a big step for the business, a step into the unknown.   But I'm also so excited to meet people customers and the folks behind all those other wonderful brands, and see what everyone is up to.  If anyone is coming to Playtime, please do stop by and say hi - we'll be in booth B7.

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