our animal obsessed summer collection is here!

June 07, 2018

our animal obsessed summer collection is here!

Our new summer collection will be a hit with your animal-loving kids!
We've got moody frog clips, because moodiness is a real part of being a kid, right?  We've got the friendliest little lion clips, a pair of dinosaurs with rounded and pointed spinal plates, and sweet pink piggie clips. 

Our kids are obsessed with animals! Wild Kratts is wildly popular in our home. This summer, we're planning outings to the zoo, museums and local farms where we will run into some of these creature friends. We hope our new collection inspires lots of interesting conversations: Did you know that pigs are known to be smarter than dogs and even children younger than 3 years of age? (We got a kick out of that one at the studio). We hope our animal clips encourage little imaginations and lots of creativity! Triceratops craft anyone?



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