our new Valentine's Day collection

January 24, 2018

our new Valentine's Day collection

I've loved hearts ever since I was a kid dotting my i's with them, so it's no surprise that our Valentine's collections are some of my favorites.  Here's a look at the latest additions to our line of clips.  

These are our glitter heart clips.  They're sold in a set of one pink and one magenta clip, and the glitter has lovely color and depth to them.  The pink glitter has little bits of turquoise and red, and the magenta has little bits of gold and royal blue.  My favorite part about these clips is the way we redesigned them so that you could remove the clip and reverse them so that they could be worn on either side of the head.  I know it's a concern for you, and we've been listening!  

These are our triple heart clips.  They're sold in singles, and you get to choose your favorite color.  I know you all love pink and red, but there are so many blue and peach lovers out there, and we wanted to make something for you!  I've already been seeing lots of blue hearts going out the door.  

Finally, we have our lips clips.  I just love even saying it over and over again: lips clips lips clips. 🤓  They're lips stitched onto our vegan leather sleeves, and they're like little kisses all over your favorite girl's head. 💋

I hope you love the collection as much as I do.  Email us to tell us your favorites and show us how you're styling them!  

xo, Mimi


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