quickie Halloween costumes: bunny and kitty

October 08, 2014

quickie Halloween costumes: bunny and kitty

We're up to our eyeballs in Halloween talk around here.  Ideas change every day and seem to grow more elaborate the closer we get, but I'm happy knowing that I've got two cute and easy backups, just in case, using only some things from my makeup stash and our bunny or kitty headbands.

We had these two cuties put on their favorite leotards.  We always seem to have a million lying around.

I painted on a little red nose with my favorite red lipstick and makeup brush.  Q-tips or paintbrushes would work fine too.

Add some small dots across the cheeks with a liquid eyeliner pencil.


Apply a nice heavy coat of blush to really make the cheeks pop.

Voila: a pink bunny!

For our black kitty, I painted on the nose with liquid eyeliner.

I added dots and whiskers, and then the layer of blush.

Voila: a black kitty!
Now they're ready for some fun! Even if you don't end up using these ideas for Halloween, they're just plain fun for an afternoon of pretend play. These two squirrels had such fun running around pretending to be animals!