these ideas are egg-ceptional!

March 21, 2016

these ideas are egg-ceptional!

Ah.. the age old question, which came first the chicken or the egg?  We just can't decide so we like to wear our chicken + egg hair clips!  Springtime is fast approaching and spring and eggs go hand in hand.  How you ask?  Eggs are a sign of new life and birth in most cultures around the world, and in the spring the days become longer, warmer, and start to see the first signs of new vegetation and flowers blooming!

Although we have fond memories of the PAAS dye kits of our childhood, we are loving  these sophisticated decorated eggs - perfect for egg hunts and beautiful spring decor!

You had us at glitter... see how to glam your eggs on is using watercolors to make gorgeous floral eggs!  Fun for kids and adults.

Using paper napkins (there are so many great ones out there) to decoupage eggs - we love this idea so much!  For instructions, see

In addition to glitter, watercolors and decoupage, there are creative folks using typography, chalk paint, and washi tape to decorate eggs! We have curated some our favorite Easter ideas on our Pinterest board here.