Tips for getting school ready

August 22, 2018

Tips for getting school ready

Summer is flying by, and we're here to help get your mind in gear for back to school. Preparation will help ease the stress that can come with switching up routines. There are a lot of great tips out there, but here are a few that have worked for us:

Getting organized & emotionally ready:

  1. Let kids choose a planner or calendar that they're excited to use.
  2. Have a family meeting and review/post the new routine before school starts.
  3. Inventory your kids' wardrobes and toss/donate things they've outgrown.
  4. Try keeping all the uniforms and gear for each activity in separate bags in the garage so that your kids can grab it on the way out, instead of scrambling around for individual items.
  5. Make a list of needed items and buy well in advance (shoes, lunch containers, etc.)
  6. For a great list of teacher-approved tips to help calm your child's fears, read this.
  7. Buy a coffee gift card for the teacher. They deserve all the love!!

Leaving the house (yes, this process deserves it's own section):

  1. Refresh your rules about screen time for the school year. What's allowed and when? For kids who are used to watching TV in the morning, it may be hard to mobilize. Try switching screen time out with engaging podcasts for kids like "Wow in the World" and "Circle Round." These podcasts are also amazing for road trips!
  2. Try playing happy music to change the mood in the morning. Tell the kids the game is to get dressed by the end of the song.
  3. If your kids are too young to take full responsibility for making sure they have everything for the school day, make it a team effort: You yell out, "jacket!" and the kids can yell out "check!" once it is confirmed the item is in their backpack. My 4 year old son loves yelling out "check!" and thinks it's fun. Do this the night before for an extra stress-free morning.
  4. If it's just "one of those mornings" and you feel too rushed, give yourself permission to give your kids an "on the go" breakfast. My go-to is a banana and waffle.
We'd love to hear some of your back to school tips in the comments below! We hope some of these ideas were helpful and will make it into your family routine.
Cheers to back to school in peace and back to school in style.