tool tip: bun makers

May 27, 2017

tool tip: bun makers

We're always looking for ways to make things fast and easy around here.  Many mornings start with Bee running out the door with breakfast in one hand and a hair brush in the other, and though it would make our lives easier for her to go to school with unbrushed hair, I usually prefer that she does a little tiny something.  We recently discovered this bun maker, and we've found that it helps us with an easy, put-together quickie 'do.  (We bought ours on sale at Sephora, but I've also seen them at Target and Amazon)
Start with the hair down. The nice thing about this tool is that your kiddo's hair doesn't need to be brushed out perfectly.  It hides many of the little tangles and knots. 
Make a ponytail wherever you want your bun to be. 
Slip her hair through the slit in the bun maker.
Roll the hair down.  We like to roll towards the back of the head so the front is smooth. 
Once you roll all the hair down, curl the bun make to make a circle, spread the hair all over the bun maker to make an even bun, and pin the hair down to secure the bun. 
Looks good!
And then you can put a finishing touch on your 'do and voila!
Your girl went from crazy hair to great hair in 2 minutes flat. 
We used our bird pom clip here, which go so perfect with this amazing dress from our friend's store, Ziraffe.  This dress is still available, and on sale right now!

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