touch and feel our new designs

October 11, 2018

touch and feel our new designs

We're so excited to share with you two of our new designs! 

This one is called the cotton candy dot clip. It was named by Bee, who is our resident model extraordinaire and also Mimi's daughter whom we pay with cookies. These 2" metal snap clips are wrapped in ribbon and topped with a contrasting fur covered button. They look like the best new idea for a candy - cotton candy dots! (kinda like dippin' dots?) Or they remind us of that furry, cozy sweater we love to snuggle in when it's cold. 

We love our new eco-friendly red cork clips. We think adding different textures to any outfit, home decor, or ice cream sundae elevates it :) These clips are perfect for neutral lovers who want that tiny little peek of color. These 2" metal snap clips are covered by cork sleeves which come from nature, so no two pieces are alike.

We hope you love our new designs as much as we do. Happy shopping! 

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