trend spotting: the pineapple of my eye

June 07, 2016

trend spotting: the pineapple of my eye

We started seeing pineapples popping up everywhere last year, and this summer, the trend seems as strong as ever. We have curated some of our favorite pineapple accessories for your tiny trendsetter (and something for the ladies too!)

  1. These mini Melissa Furidin shoes are possibly some of the cutest shoe we have ever laid eyes on.
  2. This pineapple baby onesie is simply too adorable for words.
  3. Well, of course we have to include the best pineapple hair clips ever!
  4. This pineapple embroidered shift top is sweet and light for summer.
  5. Who can resist a pineapple-shaped pool float?
  6. OK, ladies.  You definitely need these amazing pineapple heels to hobble around in.
  7. We love this graphic pineapple dress.

For more pineapple love for those small and big, visit our pineapple Pinterest board.

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