About us

hello shiso is a small design studio and workshop based in Berkeley, California, making accessories for boys and girls and sometimes their parents.  We love creating well-made, modern designs with fun details and we suspect that grown-ups secretly buy our goods for themselves!  (Don't be embarrassed - that's what we intended!)

When you're purchasing our girl hair accessories - quality is crucial. hello shiso ensures that you are making a purchase that is designed to last. Our handmade products are created with the best materials and assembled with care, taking no shortcuts, and are designed to keep up with your girl's active lifestyle.


Mimi, the designer behind hello shiso, understood from an early age that the right accessory can make an outfit.  Thanks to a mom who had her own obsession with accessories, Mimi grew up with perfectly coiffed hair and fond memories of her favorite hair clips.  hello shiso was born in 2010 when Mimi decided to make her own accessories in her backyard studio with the hopes of creating lasting memories for other little girls.  

What does hello shiso mean?
"Shiso" is the nickname I was finally given in my late twenties, after a lifetime of unsuccessfully begging friends for a nickname.  "Shiso" is actually an herb used in Asian cooking, but you can't be too choosy with your nickname when your friends are Asian nerds.  

Who are those adorable kids?  How do you get them to act that way?
Those kids are mine, and they'll do all kinds of silly things when there's candy at stake.  hello shiso is a real family business, and most of my family members are on the (candy) payroll.

Is it true that you "home school" your kids so they can make hair clips for you?
No, though they love to help.  I used to make all the hair clips myself in my studio, but as the business has grown, I've had to find some help.  I have been lucky to enlist three sisters in Taiwan who have been family friends for over 15 years to help me with production.  The work they do for hello shiso helps them support their own families, and I love working with people I know and trust.

Can you teach me how to fix my kids' hair?
Yes!  We have tutorials on our blog, along with updates on our business.  Follow along on the blog to see what hello shiso is up to!